New Mexicans Don’t Need a Weather Report, They Need Leadership

New Mexicans Don’t Need a Weather Report, They Need Leadership

Mark Ronchetti Doesn’t Have the Experience To Be Governor 

Question: What relevant experience could a TV weatherman have for being the top executive of the state? Answer: None, at least according to Mark Ronchetti. Mark Ronchetti keeps being asked to explain what makes him qualified to run for governor, and every time he’s failed to provide a sufficient answer. One thing is clear though, New Mexicans are struggling and they can’t afford a weatherman bumbling around the Roundhouse with no idea what he’s doing. 

In this months’ earlier KOAT gubernatorial primary debate, Mark Ronchetti sidestepped questions about climate change and executive leadership, falling back on his subpar meteorology knowledge to avoid the difficult political questions. Instead of providing his position on cloud seeding, Mark Ronchetti waxed and waned about the science behind this weather modification process. And instead of explaining whether he believes in climate change and its impact on New Mexico’s wildfires, Mark Ronchetti just incorrectly explained the “La Niña” impact. New Mexicans deserve someone who can describe their executive priorities and effectively implement them, instead of someone who just reads them the weather. 

Mark Ronchetti’s only professional qualifications are serving 20 years as a TV weatherman and losing a statewide campaign for Senate. The weatherman can continue to deflect questions about his lack of experience all he wants, but New Mexicans know when someone’s not being straight with them.  Ronchetti has zero experience that would adequately prepare him to be an executive leader of the state—and he knows it.


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