“New Mexico for All” Event Sends a Clear Message to Trump: Hate is Not Welcome Here

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“New Mexico for All” Event Sends a Clear Message to Trump: Hate is Not Welcome Here

While President Trump used his rally in Rio Rancho to lie and divide us, over 1,000 New Mexicans gathered in Tiguex Park on Monday with a clear message: New Mexico stands united against hate. Attendees celebrated our state’s diversity and criticized the president for his destructive policies. 

The event featured performances from local poets such as Poet Laureate Emeritus Manuel Gonzalez, Mercedez Holtry, and Marcial Delgado, as well as speeches from U.S. Representative Ben Ray Luján, U.S. Representative Deb Haaland, New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, and Mayor Tim Keller.  

Read how speakers and attendees rejected President Trump’s policies of hate and division: 

Farmington Daily Times: “New Mexico Democrats came out swinging against President Donald Trump during a Sept. 16 event in Albuquerque where they denounced his actions and policies and emphasized unity and New Mexico values. Democrats on national, state and local levels attended the New Mexico for All event in Tiguex Park in Albuquerque hosted by the New Mexico Democrats.”

New Mexico Political Report: “While the city of Rio Rancho prepared for President Donald Trump’s appearance in Rio Rancho, Democrats held a unity rally in Old Town Albuquerque at Tiguex Park. Hundreds of supporters listened to Democratic elected officials and others slam Trump and his agenda.”

KOB: “In a crowd of hundreds, Democrats united at Tiguex Park in Old Town Albuquerque […] Party leaders spoke directly to President Trump.” 

Daily Lobo: “12-year old Sierra Blzza attended the event in accordance with her beliefs on human rights: No human being should feel the need to conceal his or her identity out of fear.

‘There are people out there who hide who they are because they are afraid of hate. Specifically I feel bad for the kids at the border; it’s not okay that they get separated from their parents.’”

Albuquerque Journal: “Ellen Robinson, a retiree from Albuquerque, wore a “Pussy Power” T-shirt as she prepared to listen to Democratic leaders address the crowd. Trump’s political message, she said, wouldn’t resonate with ordinary New Mexicans. ‘All over the neighborhood here,” Robinson said, ‘we have such a rainbow of people.’ 

“David Starr, a land development consultant from Rio Rancho, said he attended the Tiguex Park rally because he didn’t want to be in his home city when the president arrived. He wore a shirt with an eagle and American flag and described himself as a former Republican who opposes Trump. ‘I didn’t desert the Republican Party,’ Starr said. ‘The Republican Party deserted me.’”


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