New Mexico GOP Reach New Hypocritical Heights On MLK Day

New Mexico GOP Reach New Hypocritical Heights On MLK Day

Republican Candidates Post Lip-Service on MLK Day, While Decrying Voting Rights Legislation

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the New Mexico GOP reminded all of us how hypocritical they are. On the holiday meant for honoring the legacy of the Civil Rights giant, New Mexican GOP leaders posted typical platitudes and kind words about Dr. King. However, just days before, those same Republicans publicly smeared the historic Voting Rights legislation proposed by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

 The New Mexico GOP put out a press release yesterday, where they specifically remarked that we must appreciate everything Dr. King “marched and died for—the most significant of which, to exercise my right to vote.” The GOP publicly admires Dr. King for his work achieving equal voting rights —and yet they oppose all of Governor Lujan Grisham and Secretary Toulouse Oliver’s common sense improvements to our voting process that will help get New Mexico closer to Dr. King’s goal of free and fair voting access for all. 

GOP candidates for governor Mark Ronchetti, Rebecca Dow, and Jay Block also expressed support for Dr. King on the holiday, while they push voter suppression policies and other fearmongering initiatives that go against everything that Dr. King stood for. Ronchetti specifically tried to claim that he is “committed to advancing Dr. King’s dream of equality,” only a few posts above his video trying to scare people about policies that would advance voting equality. 

In the words of Martin Luther King III, “Our leaders shall not pay lip service to Dr. King’s memory while refusing to live up to his ideals.” The GOP are hypocrites for honoring Dr. King’s civil rights work by actively working against the preservation and expansion of those  same civil rights today. 


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