New Mexico House Democrats Outraise Republicans in Third Primary Report

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New Mexico House Democrats Outraise Republicans in Third Primary Report

New Mexicans send clear message of support for Democratic values

New Mexico House Democrats in top targeted races have garnered the support of thousands of New Mexicans throughout the state outraising their opponents and demonstrating a cumulative cash on hand (COH) advantage going into the general election.
Below you will find a diagram of top races with the amount of money raised so far and their COH. The House Democrats are putting together a strong campaign operation that will be able to go toe to toe with the Republicans in all of the top targeted races. House Democrats recruited qualified and hard working candidates for this election cycle and will be ready to compete in the fall.
“New Mexicans are sending a clear message that they want our legislators to fight for an increase in the minimum wage and expand early childhood education programs in our state,” Speaker Ken Martinez said. “Our slate of candidates, both incumbents and challengers, are committed to moving New Mexico forward and are building their campaigns brick by brick to ensure victory in November.”

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