NEW VIDEO: Ahead of Labor Day Teachers Discuss the Impact of Recent Pay Raises

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NEW VIDEO: Ahead of Labor Day Teachers Discuss the Impact of Recent Pay Raises

Ahead of Labor Day 2019, three New Mexican public school teachers are revealing how laws passed by Governor Lujan Grisham and our Democratic state legislature have made a difference in their lives. 

Billie Helean is a first grade teacher with Rio Rancho Public Schools who has been teaching for just over five years. Since the passage of the educator pay raises, she’s been able to feel secure in her finances and her ability to provide for her family. 

Stephanie Walstrom is a kindergarten teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools. She remembers the strain that former-Governor Susana Martinez’ policies put on her profession. As part of a two-teacher household, the impact of recent raises has been double in her family. 

Representative Joy Garratt is a middle school teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools, and a State Representative for New Mexico’s District 29. She has worked hard to make teachers’ voices heard in the state legislature, and now she’s seeing the impact of raises among her colleagues who can move forward in their careers. 

“For a lot of New Mexicans, Labor Day 2019 is particularly significant,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “People across our state are celebrating the advances that our state legislature and Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham have made toward creating an economy that supports working families. For teachers in particular, this year has been transformative, and Democrats are so thrilled to see how these policies are improving the lives of hard-working New Mexicans.” 

See the full video below and find individual testimonials posted throughout the weekend on and DPNM social media: 


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