NM Hispanic Leaders: Trump’s “Failed, Chaotic” Coronavirus Response Is Hurting Hispanic Families

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NM Hispanic Leaders: Trump’s “Failed, Chaotic” Coronavirus Response Is Hurting Hispanic Families

Speakers highlight Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s leadership in the face of erratic federal response

Ahead of the Trump campaign’s “Latinos for Trump Talk” tomorrow, Hispanic leaders from across New Mexico held a press call to discuss how Donald Trump’s failed, chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately hurting Hispanic families.

On the call, speakers discussed how Trump’s ineffective response is threatening Hispanic families’ health and economic security, how he has prioritized the demands of billionaires over the needs of Hispanic workers, and how the Trump administration’s policies further weakened the Hispanic community’s ability to cope with this crisis.

Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Marg Elliston moderated the call, which featured Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales, State Auditor Brian Colón, Representative Javier Martínez, Representative Angelica Rubio, and Democratic Party of Bernalillo County Chair Flora Lucero.

Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales:

“This pandemic has been a case study in leadership. While Donald Trump has overseen a failed, chaotic response that has made this crisis even worse, Governor Lujan Grisham has led a serious, coordinated effort and made an impact on the ground, especially for Hispanic families.”

State Auditor Brian Colón:

“The pandemic is not just a health care crisis — it’s an economic crisis for a community that is already economically challenged generation after generation. On both fronts, the president’s failures are inflicting devastating consequences on Hispanic families from coast to coast, and we’re feeling it right here in New Mexico.”

State Representative Javier Martínez (HD-11):

“Donald Trump has spent every day of this pandemic catering to the demands of billionaires while abandoning the countless Hispanic Americans working on the frontlines. Trump’s campaign thinks they can come to New Mexico and spin that reality. We see right through them.”

State Representative Angelica Rubio (HD-35):

“Donald Trump is not welcome in New Mexico, and his failed policies aren’t welcome either. For three and a half years, he has pushed a twisted agenda to help a rich and powerful few at the expense of working Hispanic families. While handing billions to his rich friends, Trump’s administration left our community even more vulnerable to the health and economic disaster we’re now facing.”

Flora Lucero, Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County:

“When Donald Trump fails the Hispanic community, he’s failing New Mexico. Every day, we’re hearing the stories of New Mexicans who have been left behind by this president. In the face of a disastrous federal response, Governor Lujan Grisham has been everything we could hope for in a leader during this crisis.”


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