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Pearce Lies Pile Up

After his false promise to release his tax returns in May, last week Steve Pearce got caught revealing he lied about his plans to change the teacher evaluation system. In the same hour, he tried to get away with faking his attendance at an event in Belen supporting new educators. Pearce just can’t stop lying to New Mexican educators, children, and families.

“Steve Pearce is doing all he can to hide his corruption, extremism, and support for Susana Martinez and Hanna Skandera’s failed education policies,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “New Mexico voters are getting a taste of what a Pearce governorship would look like: deception, broken promises, and four more years of Susana Martinez’ failed Republican leadership in New Mexico.”

68 days ago the AP detailed Pearce’s promise to release his tax returns…

  • “Lujan Grisham posted online five years of federal and state tax returns dating back to her first year in Congress, noting that the financial disclosures go beyond those provided by rival Democratic candidates. […] Through a campaign manager, Lujan Grisham called on Republican candidate Pearce to follow her example by providing directly to the public at least five years of tax returns. Pearce told a radio show host Wednesday that he would release his tax returns if Lujan Grisham did.”

… but he continues to hide his income and assets from the public

Pearce courted attention saying he’d suspend and transform teacher evaluations…

  • In June the AP reported: U.S. Congressman and GOP nominee Steve Pearce told The Associated Press on Thursday that the current system for rating teacher performance has crushed the spirit of many talented educators and contributed to the state’s teacher shortage.

…then revealed his own lies, saying he wanted to keep “almost exactly the same system”

  • Educators were “frustrated” by Pearce’s decision to stand by the failed Martinez/Skandera education reforms that have left New Mexico in 50th.

And 30 minutes after that story broke, he blatantly lied about supporting teachers by attending a local luncheon in Belen:

  • Despite spending the day campaigning in Farmington, Pearce claimed to attend the New Educator’s luncheon in Belen hundreds of miles away.

  • It took four days for him to issue a “clarification”, admitting his lies and failing to apologize to the educators he’d used as political tools to divert attention from negative press.

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