“Radical” Ronchetti Launches Another Extremist Campaign

“Radical” Ronchetti Launches Another Extremist Campaign

After Losing A US Senate Race in 2020, Ronchetti Desperately Tries For Another Statewide Position: Governor

Mark Ronchetti announced today that he is running for Governor of New Mexico, despite losing a statewide race less than a year ago. Ronchetti proved in 2020 that he was out-of-touch with New Mexicans—siding instead with anti-science conspiracy theorists, climate deniers, and former President Donald Trump. Most recently, Ronchetti repeatedly lied about his decision to run for governor, misleading the press and New Mexicans. 

Without leadership experience or a record to run on, Ronchetti has taken up a platform of the GOP’s most extreme policies and former President Trump’s most divisive ideas. Ronchetti has praised the former President’s disastrous COVID-19 response, does not believe in climate change, has worked to restrict women’s rights, and supports ripping health care coverage away from 843,500 New Mexicans with pre-existing conditions.

“Mark Ronchetti got a clear answer from New Mexicans last November: No amount of lies can distract from his inexperience or his support for dangerous far-right policies,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “We’ve already seen how Ronchetti is unfit to lead New Mexico, and this desperate run for governor is no different. Our state cannot afford four years of incompetent Republican control.”


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