Reaching Voters in Every Part of the State: NM Democrats to Hold 2022 Pre-Primary Convention in Roswell

Reaching Voters in Every Part of the State: NM Democrats to Hold 2022 Pre-Primary Convention in Roswell

New Mexico Democrats Reaffirm their Commitment to Representing all New Mexicans

This March, the Democratic Party of New Mexico will hold its biannual pre-primary convention in Roswell, New Mexico at the Roswell Convention Center. While gearing up for the competitive midterm election year, New Mexico Democrats are expanding their message and outreach to more New Mexicans. That’s why the party is holding its convention in Roswell, a traditionally more conservative area of the state, to drum up support and get voters from every community excited about the inspiring Democratic candidates running for office this year. 

In Roswell, Democratic candidates will be able to discuss how Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Democratic leadership have been delivering for southern New Mexico—telling voters about accomplishments for small businesses, rural communities, the healthcare system, and schools. The choice to hold the convention in Roswell will bring thousands of people to the city, stimulating the local economy and emphasizing Democrats’ commitment to reach voters in every corner of New Mexico—unlike the GOP. 

Last spring, the Republican Party of New Mexico held their convention outside of New Mexico. GOP Chair Steve Pearce led Republicans to Amarillo, Texas, bringing all of the outreach, economic impact, and energy straight out of New Mexico and into Texas. This GOP convention was widely criticized for abandoning the state, risking COVID-19 exposure, and prioritizing Texas’ values over New Mexico’s. While the Democratic party confirms their dedication to voters in every part of New Mexico, the GOP reminded us that they care more about grandstanding for Texans than serving New Mexicans. 

“The 2022 Midterms will be some of the most competitive elections in recent New Mexico history—and the Democratic Party of New Mexico is more dedicated than ever to energizing supporters and reaching voters,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “Hosting our convention in Roswell is just the first step in our statewide outreach to every county, every community, and every voter in New Mexico. 


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