Republican Candidates for Governor Would Leave Teachers Behind and Tank Education Outcomes

Republican Candidates for Governor Would Leave Teachers Behind and Tank Education Outcomes

While Governor Lujan Grisham Champions Raises for Teachers, GOP Candidates for Governor Ignore the Importance of Educators

This week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham sent her executive recommendation to the legislature, including a proposal that would make educator salaries in New Mexico the most competitive in the region. While Governor Lujan Grisham is ensuring educators are paid fairly, get the training they deserve, and are given all the resources necessary to provide our students with the best possible education, New Mexican Republicans continue to overlook teachers and school staff

The GOP candidates for governor would be a disaster for educators, a headache for parents, and a threat to New Mexican students’ success. The New Mexico GOP has a history of underfunding and failing to support our local schools, leading to decades of students, teachers, and parents fighting for a better education. This new crop of extremist and out-of-touch GOP candidates for governor is no different. 

  • GOP candidate and legislator Rebecca Dow has already shown her true colors by voting directly against raises for New Mexico’s teachers—it doesn’t get clearer than that. 
  • Mark Ronchetti, the GOP candidate known for being light on policy plans and heavy on the political flip-flopping, has a whole “Education” page on his website with no mention of teacher salaries or educator support. 
  • Republican candidate Greg Zanetti wants to nix every support for teachers, suggesting that he would try to get rid of or defund New Mexico’s Public Education Department entirely. 

Parents know that a good teacher can make all the difference in their child’s education. Governor Lujan Grisham is paving the way for New Mexico to lead the region in teacher salaries and teacher support ensuring New Mexico students get the high-quality education they deserve—while the GOP barely even recognizes the importance of our educators. The Republican gubernatorial candidates are one election away from running our entire education system into the ground. 


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