Herrell Ducks Debate, Forum After New Baseless Attack Ads Go Up On Air

Republican Lies About Torres Small Are So Difficult to Defend, Herrell Can’t Even Face Her In Public

Herrell Ducks Debate, Forum After New Baseless Attack Ads Go Up On Air

Republican Lies About Torres Small Are So Difficult to Defend, Herrell Can’t Even Face Her In Public

The D.C. special interest groups propping up Yvette Herrell’s campaign have hit a new low with their attacks. It’s no wonder Herrell is dodging voters, having skipped a nonpartisan forum on Wednesday evening, and has ducked out of a KRWG debate originally scheduled for Thursday evening.

“Yvette Herrell is dodging voters because she can’t defend her own ethics scandal or taking lobbyist trips on the taxpayer’s dime,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Instead, Herrell is content to let her Washington allies try to smear Xochitlwith false attacks. It’s no wonder Herrell is skipping out on debates and refusing to confront her record with voters.”

Xochitl Torres Small’s position on health care is crystal clear: She supports “protecting and strengthening Medicare.”

  • Xochitl Torres Small website: “Everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care. I’m fed up with politicians in Washington playing games with our health care. I’ll always put southern New Mexicans first — that means taking on the pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs, standing up for our veterans by working to fix the VA, and protecting and strengthening Medicare.”

The new Congressional Leadership Fund ad repeats lies so outrageous that the author of the interview cited in the ad ran an editorial debunking the claim

  • Walt Rubel in Las Cruces Sun-News: “Sun-News cited falsely in effort to ‘educate’ voters”
  • In the piece, Rubel claims he was “surprise[d]” to see the citation since he “asked the original question, wrote the story and still had a pretty clear recollection of what she actually said” and added the claims “are not true.”
  • Washington Post: The newspaper was so outraged at the twisting of her words that it ran an editorial titled ‘Sun-News cited falsely in effort to ‘educate’ voters.’”

The Washington Post gave another ad that made the same claim Four Pinocchios…

  • Washington Post: “GOP ads falsely depict Democrats as supporters of Sanders’s health plan”
  • Washington Post: “The NRCC also pointed to the fact that Torres Small did not answer yes or no when asked if she favored a single-payer health system. But Torres Small spokesman Brian Sowyrda told The Fact Checker: ‘Xochitl is committed to fixing the ACA, lowering healthcare costs, improving accessibility for rural areas and protecting Medicare, but at this time she does not support Medicare-for-all.’”
  • Washington Post: “It’s simply absurd to tag all Democrats with the same broad brush, particularly in the […] ads featuring […] narrators outraged that their Medicare will be taken away. No, it won’t. These ‘Mediscare’ ads earn Four Pinocchios.”

…And when similar ads claimed Democrats support “$800 billion in Medicare cuts,” the Washington Post also gave that claim Four Pinocchios

  • Washington Post: “This ad, from a group tied to the House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) […] makes a claim that initially left us flummoxed: ‘O’Connor supports a Pelosi-backed plan that cuts Medicare spending by $800 billion.’ […] Attack ads, especially ‘Mediscare’ ones, are inherently misleading. But this ad takes the cake. In a desperate effort to level the playing field — or a deliberate effort to muddy the waters — this ad accuses O’Connor of a nonexistent ‘plan’ and fails to account for the fact that Republicans in Congress want to reduce Medicare spending even more. […] Notably, the ad avoids all mention of Obamacare. That’s because the $800 billion in Medicare savings over a decade is baked into the federal budget, and the fight is over whether to reduce Medicare spending even more. That might be a worthy debate to have, but all but impossible when ads sling misleading mud like this.”

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