Ronchetti and the GOP Don’t Support Moms

Ronchetti and the GOP Don’t Support Moms


The GOP Opposes Child Care and Pre-K Policies That Support Parents

This weekend, the Republican Party of New Mexico sent out a note on Mother’s Day, thanking moms for being the “foundation of our families.” In their typical fashion, The New Mexico GOP claims that they care about New Mexican parents and mothers, but their lies are undermined when they continue to underfund our schools, vote against teacher raises, and ignore early childhood education. If the New Mexico GOP actually wanted to uplift New Mexican moms and families they would prioritize policies that help families thrive–like universal childcare, accessible pre-K, postpartum Medicaid coverage, and reproductive health care protections. 

Affordable childcare coverage services provide mothers and their children with the best possible care and make it possible for parents to be able to actively participate in the workforce. A study published only a couple of months ago found that more parents in New Mexico have had to quit their jobs because of child care issues than any other state. The New Mexico GOP would rather see to it that mothers suffer than invest in accessible child care and pre-K. Ronchetti even said that Governor Lujan Grisham’s plan to help New Mexico families afford childcare was part of an “extremist march towards socialism.”

NONE of the Republican candidates for governor have a plan for affordable child care for New Mexicans. The GOP candidates and the Republican Party are doubling down against policies that help families. Mark Ronchetti, Rebecca Dow, Jay Block, and Greg Zanetti are all arguing that they should be the next executive leaders of the Land of Enchantment—but they don’t support the policies that support parents.



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