Ronchetti and the GOP Oppose Educator Raises

Ronchetti and the GOP Oppose Educator Raises

While Governor Lujan Grisham Delivered Historic Teachers Raises, the GOP Opposed Supporting Educators 

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week—although not if you’re a New Mexico Republican leader who consistently opposes investments in educators and public education.  The New Mexico GOP, along with Republican candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti, want to destroy all of the investments Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has made in the state’s education system—including educator raises. As the GOP continues their culture war crusade, they repeatedly show New Mexicans that they are staunchly anti-educator, anti-student, and anti-education

All five GOP candidates for governor would be a disaster for educators and the Republicans’ education platforms is chock-full of anti-educator policies. From defunding rural schools to gutting the Public Education department to even policing what teachers can say in their own classroom, Republicans have a vendetta that hurts educators and harms students. Mark Ronchetti has promised to “defang” New Mexico’s education department and is also on the record supporting private school vouchers that would drain rural school budgets and abandon New Mexico’s most vulnerable students. As a State Representative, Rebecca Dow has consistently and blatantly harmed educators by voting directly against raises for New Mexico’s teachers—displaying in full force her disregard for the people who educate and inspire the future of New Mexico. 

Sandoval County Commissioner and GOP candidate Jay Block suggested that New Mexico should use standardized tests as a punitive measure against teachers— bringing back the failed policies of the Martinez administration. Republican candidate Greg Zanetti goes even further than the rest when vocalizing his anti-teacher positions, suggesting that he would try to get rid of or defund New Mexico’s Public Education Department entirely. GOP gubernatorial candidate, Ethel Maharg, also adamantly mimics the anti-educator rhetoric of the GOP and has no viable plan to support teachers or improve public schools. 

The GOP candidates for governor continue to oppose public education investments on all fronts—voting against salary increases, threatening to eliminate institutional support, and increasingly thinking of new ways to impede educational progress in New Mexico. Under GOP control, New Mexico educators would be facing a bleak future and New Mexico students would be left in the dust. The future of education in New Mexico is on the ballot this November. 


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