Steve Pearce flubs at NAACP forum and runs from his record, on the heels of intolerant remarks in Las Cruces

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Steve Pearce flubs at NAACP forum and runs from his record, on the heels of intolerant remarks in Las Cruces

Tonight, Steve Pearce demonstrated again that he is not prepared to serve New Mexico and its diverse communities. While Michelle Lujan Grisham presented a clear vision for a more equal and fair New Mexico, Pearce failed to square his destructive record with his rhetoric. The reality is, he has no real ideas to improve the lives of everyday New Mexicans.

A few lowlights:

  1. Steve Pearce failed to mention African American communities or New Mexico communities of color in his opening statement.
  2. While he’s stood by Trump and his 91% white judicial nominees, he claimed that “diverse representation on the courts” is important to him.
  3. Peace said he’d “lead by example” in diverse hiring, but has no people of color on his senior staff. This despite the fact 62.7% of his constituents are not white.
  4. After first avoiding a question about pay equity for women of color Pearce said, “I’ll hold every contract accountable” for pay equity, but voted to repeal disclosure requirements for federal contractors who violate anti-discrimination law. [HJRes 37, Vote #76, 3/27/2017]
  5. Pearce dodges family separation: shifts blame to Obama and says, “I don’t know exactly what the answer is.”
  6. Pearce ignored a question about addressing hunger and hid his 2013 vote to remove SNAP funding from the Farm Bill for the first time in 30 years. [HR 2642, Vote #353, 7/11/13; CQ House Action Reports, HR 2642, 7/10/13; New York Times, 7/11/13]

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