Trump’s biggest fan in New Mexico follows the President’s lead concealing his income from voters

Tax-Hiding Peas in a Pod:

Trump’s biggest fan in New Mexico follows the President’s lead concealing his income from voters

Tax-Hiding Peas in a Pod:

More than three years after launching his campaign for President, Donald Trump continues to hide business deals, foreign ties, and conflicts of interest from the voting public by refusing to release his tax returns. Steve Pearce, once again following directly in Trump’s footsteps, seems to think he can get away with the exact same deception in his run for governor.

Just like Trump, Steve Pearce has exploited his public profile to get richer and now he’s got to hide the evidence. Pearce said would release his tax return 68 days ago, but he still hasn’t delivered on his promise to New Mexicans.

“The only reasonable explanation for Pearce’s blatant lies and refusal to release his tax returns is that, like President Trump, there’s something he doesn’t want you to know hidden in there,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Pearce has had 68 days to release the last five years of his returns, like he promised. And like with Trump, until we see Pearce’s returns, we can’t know whether he’s hiding shady foreign investments, corrupt business deals, or conflicts of interest that the public deserves to know about.”

PEARCE FOLLOWS: Doesn’t even pretend to have an excuse after his false promise

  • Pearce promises on-air to release his returns: “Lujan Grisham posted online five years of federal and state tax returns dating back to her first year in Congress, noting that the financial disclosures go beyond those provided by rival Democratic candidates. […] Through a campaign manager, Lujan Grisham called on Republican candidate Pearce to follow her example by providing directly to the public at least five years of tax returns. Pearce told a radio show host Wednesdaythat he would release his tax returns if Lujan Grisham did.”
  • And months later, there’s still nothing there: Pearce’s website contains no information on his tax returns, even though we know he’s worth millions.

DONALD TRUMP LIES: Cited “routine audit” to justify concealing his tax returns.

  • In 2016 Trump justified keeping his tax returns a secret by saying they were under a “routine audit”… routine for someone with a history of shadybusiness deals.
  • Fact checked: the Washington Post called out then-candidate Trump, saying “the audit does not prohibit from releasing the returns.”

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