The New Mexico GOP Will End Reproductive Access in New Mexico

The New Mexico GOP Will End Reproductive Access in New Mexico

A Republican Governor Would Mean The End to Reproductive Health Care As We Know It

Yesterday, Politico reported that the majority of Supreme Court justices are poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, which would immediately jeopardize the right to an abortion nationwide. With no national abortion access protection, decisions of women’s and reproductive health care will now be left up to the states. And given the chance, the extremist anti-abortion GOP candidates for governor will strip this critical right away from many New Mexicans. 

Republican candidates for governor would destroy reproductive access in New Mexico and sentence thousands of New Mexicans to unwanted pregnancies or dangerous back-alley procedures: 

  • GOP candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti refers to abortions as a “barbaric practice” and has promised to fight to end reproductive health care access in New Mexico. 
  • GOP candidate Rebecca Dow has publicly announced that if she was elected she would sign a Mississippi or Texas-style abortion ban into law in New Mexico.
  • Other gov-hopeful Jay Block has called critical reproductive health care “evil” and has promised to be “a fighter every day” for the anti-abortion extremists. 
  • Candidates Greg Zanetti and Ethel Maharg are radical anti-abortion activists and have both served in leadership positions on extremist anti-abortion organizations like the New Mexico Right to Life movement and the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico. 

A Republican in the governor’s office would mean the end of choice in New Mexico. With no legal protections on the books, the GOP candidates for governor would be able to—and have already promised to—destroy reproductive freedom in the Land of Enchantment. Now more than ever, it is essential that we continue to elect Democratic leaders like Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham who will ensure that New Mexico remains a safe haven for those seeking critical medical care and fight to re-establish the right to choose nationwide.


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