The Ronchetti/Thornton/Trujillo Ticket is Dangerous

The Ronchetti/Thornton/Trujillo Ticket is Dangerous

The New Mexico Republican Party Nominated Extremists 

Yesterday, Republican voters in New Mexico elected Mark Ronchetti as their nominee for governor, Ant Thornton as their nominee for lieutenant governor, and Audrey Trujillo as their nominee for secretary of state. We’ve already reviewed the many ways Mark Ronchetti is out of touch, extreme and wrong for New Mexico. But everybody knows that Mark Ronchetti is also incredibly inexperienced. With the addition of Thornton and Trujillo to the ticket, the Republican trifecta becomes much more experienced and alarmingly more extreme than Ronchetti alone—meaning together, they are dangerous. 

With a Ronchetti/Thornton/Trujillo ticket, the New Mexico GOP is on a warpath to destroy rights that have been protected in New Mexico and the country for decades, such as access to reproductive health care, the right to gay marriage, and they would dismantle all of the progress for families that New Mexico Democrats have accomplished under Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Thornton vehemently opposes abortion with no exception; Thornton would force victims of rape and incest to carry their children to term AND he believes that women should be left to die if their pregnancy is threatening their life. Thornton opposes gay marriage and believes that companies should be able to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community. A Ronchetti/Thornton/Trujillo administration will take fundamental rights away from New Mexicans. 

The Ronchetti/Thornton/Trujillo administration will also attempt to legitimize dangerous conspiracy theories and misinformation that threaten New Mexico’s way of life. Audrey Trujillo is a Q Anon conspiracy theorist and an anti-semite who has shared fringe videos about the “New World Order” and the secret “Cabal.” The secretary of state candidate is also a proud member of a secessionist group called New Mexit that wants New Mexico to succeed from the United States. Trujillo also believes in the conspiracy that the 2020 Presidential election was fraudulent and has called it a coup. As secretary of state, Trujillo would be in charge of New Mexico’s elections, and given everything we know—the safest, most secure elections in the country would be at risk. The Ronchetti/Thornton/Trujillo ticket would spread conspiracy theories and extremely bigoted and racist ideas, destroying public trust in New Mexico’s most important institutions. 

Mark Ronchetti has hinted to New Mexico voters that he agrees with Thornton and Trujillo—he just knows it would be politically risky to say so. With Mark Ronchetti at the helm okay-ing Thornton and Trujillo’s drastically far-right and extremist policy positions, New Mexico is in trouble.


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