Vice President Pence’s False Promises to New Mexicans

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Vice President Pence’s False Promises to New Mexicans

Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Artesia today to promise New Mexicans that the Trump administration’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will benefit working people. Ahead of this visit, DPNM is looking at how some of the Vice President’s past promises have panned out for hardworking New Mexican families. 

THE PROMISE: At an August 2016 Albuquerque town hall, Vice President Pence claimed that Donald Trump would help working Americans by ‚Äúcutting taxes across the board for every American.‚Ä̬†

THE REALITY: The GOP tax bill has given huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations, while many hardworking Americans have seen little to no benefits. 


THE PROMISE: At a November 2016 rally in Las Cruces, Vice President Pence parroted Donald Trump and promised to ‚Äúdrain the swamp‚ÄĚ and put the government to work for Americans.¬†

THE REALITY: The Trump administration is filled with former lobbyists and cronies, who have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on things like private jets and fancy office furniture.


THE PROMISE: During a KOAT interview in August 2016, Mike Pence said Donald Trump had a plan for ‚Äúsmarter trade deals.‚ÄĚ

THE REALITY: President Trump’s reckless trade wars have caused uncertainty and fear in New Mexico, where 218,100 jobs are supported by global trade. 


THE PROMISE: Mike Pence has repeatedly come to New Mexico to claim that he and Donald Trump will build an economy that helps working people

THE REALITY: While the rich have gotten richer, real average hourly and weekly earnings for workers declined last month and have grown by less than 1% over the past year.


Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Marg Elliston released the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s broken promises:

‚ÄúNew Mexicans can see clearly that the GOP is more interested in pandering than doing anything to lift up hardworking families. Vice President Pence‚Äôs speech today will be no different than the false promises he‚Äôs made in the past.‚Ä̬†



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