VIDEO: New Mexican Republicans Failed Our Education System

VIDEO: New Mexican Republicans Failed Our Education System

Today, DPNM launched a new video outlining the ways that the New Mexican Republican Party has harmed New Mexico’s education system. The New Mexico GOP has been failing New Mexico students, teachers, and parents for years, and New Mexicans have a right to know about it. From underfunding our public schools to voting against teacher raises, New Mexico Republicans have never put students first. 



The New Mexico GOP likes to claim that they care about education—but when they continue to undermine all efforts to support and uplift our early childhood education centers, our K-12 public schools, and our higher education institutions, it’s clear that they don’t. 

The new crop of GOP candidates for governor in the 2022 midterm elections are no different. Mark Ronchetti, Rebecca Dow, and Jay Block are one election away from running our entire education system into the ground. The GOP candidates for governor would destroy all of the progress that our Democratic legislators and Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham have achieved for our schools. 

Along with the video, DPNM is also launching a website to highlight all of the extremist and out of touch policies the New Mexico GOP has pushed the last few years—starting with their abysmal record on education. To learn more about what New Mexico would look like if Republicans were in charge, visit


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