(It’s Getting Tough To Keep Up With His Lawbreaking)

Wannabe AG Hendricks Breaks The Law. Again.

DPNM To File Updated Campaign Finance Complaint For Illegal, Concealed $50k Donation

(It’s Getting Tough To Keep Up With His Lawbreaking)

Wannabe AG Hendricks Breaks The Law. Again.

Albuquerque, NM – This morning, DPNM Chairwoman Marg Elliston issued the following statement regarding the outrageous campaign violations and the illegal, backdated, and potentially fraudulent concealment of a $50,000 contribution by and from the NM GOP’s wannabe AG candidate, Michael Hendricks.

“Michael Hendricks continues to violate campaign finance rules and laws, this time blatantly concealing a $50,000 illegal campaign contribution from his own immigration law firm for over six months,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “The chief law enforcement officer of the State of New Mexico enforces the law, so it’s shameful that Michael Hendricks can’t even follow the simplest of New Mexico laws. If he can’t get his own finance records right, how can he enforce our state’s laws? There needs to be an investigation into this potential fraud against New Mexicans.”

DPNM will be filing yet another complaint with the appropriate authorities today regarding the ’ latest legal violations by Michael Hendricks, his Salt Lake City, Utah-based campaign consultant, and treasurer for their disgraceful conduct.


Every campaign finance filing day is frankly humiliating for Michael Hendricks and his troubled campaign. This month, Hendricks reported an additional $50,000 contribution from his firm, Hendricks Law, which is in violation of the NM Campaign Practices Act.  This donation should have been listed as a loan, otherwise the maximum he could have received from Hendricks Law is $11,000. The report also contains likely duplicate contributions from Mr. James Hall of Los Alamos.

It is also concerning that Hendricks did not report a $50,000 loan he made to his campaign on 10/3/17 until yesterday.

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