What New Mexicans Are Saying: Ronchetti “Doesn’t Have A Clue”

What New Mexicans Are Saying: Ronchetti “Doesn’t Have A Clue”

New Mexicans have been reacting to the weatherman Mark Ronchetti’s run for governor since he first threw his hat in the ring—here’s a round up of what they’ve been saying about the GOP gov-hopeful now that he’s officially the New Mexico GOP’s nominee. From notable members of his own party to community stakeholders around the Land Of Enchantment, everyone can agree on one thing: Ronchetti doesn’t have a clue. 


  • Republican Candidate for Governor Jay Block on Mark Ronchetti: 

“Life’s not fair. The guy who’s on the weather has no experience. He’s never led anything in the military. He’s never put his life on the line in Afghanistan. He’s never been a leader in private industry, building teams in a firm and expanding our market share. He’s never been an elected official, working local government officials. He doesn’t have a clue. So life’s not fair; I have all this experience, but he’s been on TV … for 20 years. I accept that.” (See here)


  • Republican Candidate for Governor Rebecca Dow on Mark Ronchetti:

“A TV blowhard” (See here)

“Someone who’s changed his position on everything” (See here)

“A weatherman with no record” (See here)


  • Republican Candidate for Governor Greg Zanetti on Mark Ronchetti:

“Mark Ronchetti can tell the weather but he can’t lead.” (See here)

“No executive or business experience”  (See here)


  • Letter to the Editor in the Santa Fe New Mexican: 

“GOP gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti needs to stick with the weather” (See here)


  • Letter to the Editor in Las Cruces Sun News:

“How can Mark Ronchetti be a viable candidate for governor if he openly admits he doesn’t understand New Mexicans? We don’t need an out-of-touch tv weatherman in the Roundhouse, incapable of addressing the problems in our state.” (See here)


  • Letter to the Editor in The Santa Fe New Mexican

“Ronchetti’s basic ignorance of the rules that govern our energy market is appalling and his political claims in this regard are misleading at best.” (See here)


  • Letter to the Editor in The Santa Fe New Mexican: 

“Recently, candidate Mark Ronchetti presented his “border plan.” He says our border is currently “down 600 Border Patrol agents” and that, if elected, he will “dispatch” the National Guard “to the border to help with immediate staff shortages” and to “assist existing border patrol efforts.” This is not a serious or well thought out plan. Mr. Ronchetti has stumbled badly. It does not inspire confidence in his abilities.” (See here)


  • Facebook post from New Mexico Republican political staffer: 

“Don’t vote for a weatherman” (See here)


  • Tweet from a New Mexican: 

“​​I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. I personally don’t think Mark Ronchetti is good for New Mexico. Oh ya May I add he is NOT a New Mexican. (See here)


  • Facebook comment from a former coworker: 

“Political views aside – I worked with Mark for several years and he wouldn’t acknowledge anyone who he didn’t see as “worthy.” You could say hello in the hall and you wouldn’t even get a nod back. If he has no respect for his literal coworkers who helped get his news cast on every night, how could anyone trust him to listen to our citizens?” (See here)


  • Facebook comment from a fellow Republican

“Mark wouldn’t even say hello and I stood right next to him at the SJC Convention.” (See here)


  • Tweet from an Albuquerque resident: 

“He showed up downtown during one of my shows a few years ago. Didn’t leave a dime in my case. Turned up his nose at my music and my audience.” (See here)


  • Tweet from a fellow movie goer: 

“He doesn’t talk to you if you see him at the movies.” (See here)


  • Tweet from a New Mexican: 

“I’ve run into him several times. Pulls his ball cap down, his jacket collar up and pretends he doesn’t see anyone.” (See here)


  • Facebook post from a New Mexican: 

“I seen a advertisement about Mark Ronchetti and and the former sheriff forgot too say is that Mark Ronchetti doesn’t know how to be Governor! All he knows is how to do the weather forecast and that’s all! We don’t want Mark Ronchetti for Governor! (See here)

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