What They’re Saying: New Mexico Leaders Slam Ronchetti’s Latest Abortion Ban Scheme

What They’re Saying: New Mexico Leaders Slam Ronchetti’s Latest Abortion Ban Scheme

New Mexicans Call Out Ronchetti’s Clear Attempt To Take Away Their Rights


On Thursday, former TV weatherman and GOP gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti released a new plan to strip New Mexican women of their right to make their own health care decisions. His latest scheme to ban abortion in New Mexico centers on a new proposal to pass a constitutional amendment banning abortion via special election. Mark Ronchetti has made it clear that if elected, he’d advance an agenda to restrict reproductive rights in New Mexico. 


Here’s what New Mexicans are saying about Ronchetti’s constitutional amendment to ban abortion:


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 it’s as if you don’t quite get it. 


We’re not interested in lies.

We’re not interested in extremism. 

We’re not interested in a war on women. 


Stop repackaging your abortion ban.


He will do everything he can to take away private healthcare decisions. “When someone shows you who they are-believe them the first time” we see you Mark.


@MarkRonchettiNM The Gov @Michelle4NM has and will always believe in Women’s Rights. That’s why Women voted for the Gov, myself, and my colleagues to repeal the abortion ban in New Mexico and allow women to have the right to make their own choices.


Mark Ronchetti says that whether you can have an abortion is “too personal” for elected officials to decide but apparently not personal enough that your neighbor, the guy who fixes your car, and a million or so other people shouldn’t have a say.


I think he truly wants to control women’s bodies but is seeing that’s a totally losing message. So he flip-flops. He must think we aren’t paying attention. He’s WRONG!


The beautiful thing about New Mexico, sir, is that we ALREADY have the right to decide. Thanks but no thanks @MarkRonchettiNM!


NO ONE should make private healthcare decisions for you! @MarkRonchettiNM AGAIN trying to take away our freedom to make our own decision about #abortion. We won’t be fooled by his last ditch effort to earn votes. #nmpol #BansOffOurBodies


Bodily autonomy should not be up for a vote. #VoteBlueForSoManyReasons


In his newest TV ad, Ronchetti says he wants to ban abortion through a special election. When he says “you should” decide on abortion, he actually means he wants other people to decide for you. Whatever the avenue, Ronchetti wants to ban abortion and punish women and doctors.



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