Wrongchetti Publicly Admits He Is Out of Touch and Has Zero Experience

Wrongchetti Publicly Admits He Is Out of Touch and Has Zero Experience

Mark Ronchetti Tells New Mexicans “I’m Not Somebody Who Has Deep Knowledge of What is Failing You.”

Yesterday at a Republican primary forum in Santa Fe, GOP candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti openly admitted what others have been pointing out since he jumped in the race—that he is dramatically out of touch with New Mexicans and has no experience that would prepare him to govern. Without hesitation, Ronchetti told voters, “I’m not somebody who has deep knowledge of what is failing you.” 

As New Mexico families struggle with rising prices due to global market instability, the danger of natural disasters as a result of the climate crisis, and a laundry list of other concerns, Ronchetti’s declaration is especially despicable. What New Mexicans need more than ever is someone who knows them, understands the issues that they are facing, and has the experience and leadership skills to help—like Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

It’s no surprise that Ronchetti doesn’t understand what New Mexicans are facing. Ronchetti is a Vermont transplant who used to own a vacation home worth more than most New Mexicans’ only home (yes, we mean that $1.2 million Angel Fire mansion he conveniently sold). He was also the star of his own reality tv show, something that definitely didn’t set him up to be in touch with regular people. Ronchetti is clearly after the governor’s seat for fame, power, and political influence, and not because he cares about everyday New Mexicans. 


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