Yvette Herrell Crony Couy Griffin Receives Federal Sentence for Participation in January 6th Insurrection

Yvette Herrell Crony Couy Griffin Receives Federal Sentence for Participation in January 6th Insurrection

Radical Cowboys for Trump Leader and Friend of Yvette Herrell’s Insurrectionist Views Have No Place in New Mexico


Today, Otero County Commissioner, Leader of Cowboys for Trump, and close political ally of Yvette Herrell, Couy Griffin, was sentenced by a federal judge for his participation in the January 6th, 2020, attack on the United States Capitol. 


As prominent figures in the New Mexico GOP, Couy Griffin and Yvette Herrell have been steadfast political allies. In fact, Herrell and Griffin campaigned together and Herrell even expressed admiration for Griffin’s Cowboys for Trump mob of renegades. Since then, Herrell has pushed the same conspiracy theories undermining the results of the 2020 election after Trump lost and has refused to denounce Griffin and his attack on the nation’s Capitol and attempts to undermine elections as Otero County Commissioner. Griffin’s sentence from a federal judge is a rebuke of his and Herrell’s far-right views and proves their disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. 


Just this Wednesday, the three-person Otero County Commission which includes Griffin, was ordered by the New Mexico Supreme Court to certify their county’s election results from the June 7th primary. This refusal, led by Griffin, was an attempt to undermine faith in elections and disenfranchise voters of Otero County who had participated in an accessible, fair and secure election. 


“Both Couy Griffin and Yvette Herrell have consistently supported the most conspiratorial far-right factions and refused to denounce extremism for selfish, partisan gain,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Spokesperson Daniel Garcia. “Everyday New Mexicans are not represented by radical politicians like Couy Griffin and Yvette Herrell, who prioritize overthrowing the government, undermining fair elections when their friends lose and peddling conspiracy theories.”


As two of the most vocal and prominent proponents of election lies in New Mexico, if not the country, Griffin and Herrell exemplify the mainstream New Mexico Republican Party’s dramatic shift to the far-right. Their extremist platform which includes restricting voter access, climate change denial, and eliminating marriage equality, is not shared by everyday New Mexicans.


The ongoing January 6th Commission Hearings continue to emphasize how important it is that we elect leaders who will protect Democratic institutions and work to make government work for the people it represents, not destroy it. The contrast could not be more clear, Gabe Vasquez will fight for the everyday New Mexicans of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional while Yvette Herrell will continue to be beholden to the most radical factions of the national GOP.



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