Yvette Herrell: No Second COVID-19 Relief Package

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Yvette Herrell: No Second COVID-19 Relief Package

Herrell voices opposition to additional relief funding and support for local governments as New Mexico’s economy continues to struggle

New Mexicans are continuing to grapple with serious economic repercussions from the COVID-19 crisis, with nearly 100,000 residents currently relying on unemployment benefits. As anyone in southern New Mexico will tell you, the oil and gas industry — which makes up a significant chunk of local jobs — has been particularly hard-hit.

Yet as hardworking families struggle to make ends meet, the Roswell Daily Record reported yesterday that congressional candidate Yvette Herrell is on the record opposing another relief package and “rejected the idea of federal funding to aid state and local governments.” Herrell’s hardline approach comes as Rep. Torres Small has been pushing for compromise between Republicans, Democrats and President Trump to pass a comprehensive package that puts New Mexico workers first.

As a reminder, New Mexico small businesses have received more than 22,000 PPP loans totaling a collective $2.2 billion thanks to the first bipartisan relief package passed with Rep. Torres Small’s help.

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Roswell Daily Record: U.S. House candidates weigh in on COVID-19 relief

By Alex Ross

As Congress continues to try and hash out an agreement on another COVID-19 relief bill, candidates in the race for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District differ on what should be in the legislation.

U.S. Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, D-NM, said a package that can garner the support of Democrats, Republicans and Trump is crucial.

“Congress needs to come to a compromise as quickly as possible, and I remain ready to work with both sides of the aisle to get it done,” she said.

Torres Small introduced legislation to extend unemployment benefits through Jan. 30, which according to a July 23 press release would protect an estimated 30 million people from losing those benefits.

She added Tuesday in a statement that providing local, state and tribal governments with funds is needed so they can provide basic services as they cope with steep budget shortfalls due to the effects of the pandemic.

Yvette Herrell, Torres Small’s Republican opponent, during a Republican primary debate in May voiced opposition to another stimulus bill, citing concerns over the ballooning federal deficit.

In that same debate, she rejected the idea of federal aid to state and local governments, saying it would punish fiscally responsible states while directing what she called “handouts” to those who were not responsible.



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