Yvette Herrell Statement on Family Separation Gives New Mexico Whiplash

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Yvette Herrell Statement on Family Separation Gives New Mexico Whiplash

Yvette Herrell has finally spoken up about the Trump Administration’s forced family separation policy and, well, it’s sounds like the words of a politician already versed in DC doublespeak.

In her statement, Herrell both approves of and opposes Trump’s policy. She says she supports the “zero tolerance” policy that’s ripping children out of their mothers’ arms but opposes family separation. Which is it?

Let’s make one thing clear: This Trump Administration policy is what has split thousands of children from their parents and guardians in just the last month. Congress is broken, but the choice to rip families apart at the border is Donald Trump’s and his alone. He could pick up the phone right now and stop this cruel madness today.

“Ms. Herrell – New Mexicans see through your doublespeak. You, Steve Pearce, and Susana Martinez can’t hide from your unequivocal support for Trump’s barbaric family separations and no mealy-mouthed, meaningless statements are going to make this moral abomination end,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Right this moment, there are children within our borders, ripped from their guardians and packed into tent cities and old Walmarts, who will have to live with the scars of what you and Donald Trump have subjected them to. You need to condemn Trump’s actions, end this brutality, and reunite families immediately.”

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