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2019 SCC Election

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2019 Spring SCC Meeting. None of our efforts would have been possible without the support of amazing volunteers and of course our SCC members. Thank you!


The 2019 SCC Election Results are as follows:

Chair: Marg Elliston

Vice Chair: Marcus Porter

Secretary: Pamelya Herndon

Treasurer: Robert Lara

Congressional District 1 Vice Chair – Male: Jeremy Sment

Congressional District 1 Vice Chair – Female: Millie Peifer

Congressional District 2 Vice Chair – Male: Stephen Jones

Congressional District 2 Vice Chair – Female: Stephanie DuBois

Congressional District 3 Vice Chair – Female: Cheryl Ford

Congressional District 3 Vice Chair – Male: Willie Marquez

Affirmative Action CD1 – Female: Samia Assed

Affirmative Action CD1 – Male: Richard Cooley

Affirmative Action CD2 – Female: Damaris Perez

Affirmative Action CD2 – Male: Eddie Estrada

Affirmative Action CD3 – Male: Bradley Dubois

Affirmative Action CD3 – Female: Bernadette Vadurro

Budget CD1 – Female: Rayellen Smith

Budget CD1 – Male: Gary Coffin

Budget CD2 – Female: Trish Ruiz

Budget CD2 – Male: Jeff Swanson

Budget CD3 – Male: Paul Dirdak

Budget CD3 – Female: Cheryl Harris

SPARC CD1 – Female: Ana Moran

SPARC CD1 – Male: Manny Crespin

SPARC CD2 – Female: ViAnn Beadle

SPARC CD2 – Male: Jerry Morris

SPARC CD3 – Male: Jay Levine

SPARC CD3 – Female: Elizabeth Romero

Affirmative Action At-Large (4 Positions):

  • Tate Turnbough
  • Astrid Julienne
  • Rebecca Touchin
  • Don Dionne

SPARC At-Large (3 Positions):

  • Sharla Parsons
  • Jeremy Sment
  • Charles Powell

Your contribution will be used in connection with federal elections. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the names, mailing addresses, occupation and name of employer of the individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per calendar year. Contributions are not tax deductible for state and federal income tax purposes.

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Our Fight Isn’t Finished

While the election is over, the work isn’t finished. Help us keep this momentum going by supporting the Democratic Party of New Mexico.