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Adelante Progressive Caucus

Adelante Progressive Caucus

Statement of Values

The Adelante Progressive Caucus embraces the values of everyday working people across our state and our country, the values of most Americans , the values that have inspired the work of the Democratic Party for generations. We believe every person deserves to live a life of dignity —with secure, decent-paying jobs; a just economic system; not -for-profit universal healthcare; high quality public schools; and a safe, healthy environment where the resources and beauty of our land are preserved for future generations.

The Adelante Progressive Caucus fully supports the State Platform of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and the policies of the current U.S. Democratic Party Platform, including:

  • Raising Workers’ Wages
  • Protecting and Expanding Social Security
  • Reining in Wall Street and Fixing Our Financial System
  • Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes
  • Ending Systemic Racism
  • Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
  • Reforming Our Criminal Justice System
  • Guaranteeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights
  • Investing in Rural America
  • Ending Poverty and Investing in Communities Left Behind
  • Honoring Indigenous Tribal Nations
  • Supporting Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
  • Ending Secret, Unaccountable Money in Politics; Protecting Voting Rights
  • Building a Clean-Energy Economy
  • Securing Environmental and Climate Justice
  • Making Free Tuition for Public Colleges and Universities
  • Providing Relief from Crushing Student Debt
  • Guaranteeing Universal Preschool
  • Ensuring Every Child has Access to a World-Class Education
  • Guaranteeing Health Care as a Fundamental Right of Every American
  • Access for All women to Reproductive Health Care Services, Including Safe and Legal Abortion
  • Ending Violence Against Women
  • Preventing Gun Violence
  • Ending Waste in the Defense Budget

The Adelante Progressive Caucus will work to strengthen the Democratic Party by recruiting more young people, people of of color, LGBTQ people, working-class people, and others who may feel marginalized or forgotten. We will reach out to historically under-represented communities to include their voices in the democratic process. The Adelante Progressive Caucus will work to create transparency and accountability in all functions of our state and national party. We will work to eliminate the influence of big money, whether corporate or individual, from elections and the legislative process. The Adelante Progressive Caucus will promote democracy and strengthen the Democratic Party by building grassroots power to advance policies and candidates that represent the values and interests of ALL the diverse peoples and lands of New Mexico.

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