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State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC)

State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC)

Meeting Schedule

NEXT MEETING: AUGUST 12, 2017 from 10am-4pm at 1420 Cerillos Road, Business/Economy & Education [DRAFT AGENDA]

September 9 (Lincoln):

    • International Relations
    • Labor
    • Transportation & Infrastructure
    • Civil Rights/Social Justice

October 14 (Taos):

    • Native Americans
    • Arts
    • Democracy, Elections, & Ethics
    • Immigration

November 11 (Gallup):

    • Energy
    • Environment
    • Veterans Affairs

December 9 (Grant):

    • Healthcare
    • Public Safety
    • Women

January 13 (Dona Ana or Eddy):

    • Justice
    • Any Missed/additional Topics
    • Edits, Revisions, misc., etc.
    • Submit for 1st round of feedback after these are completed

February 10 (Sandoval):

    • Input received and revisions taken care of
    • Submit for final round of feedback after final copy is ready

March 10:

    • Submit final platform for review at Pre-primary convention



Submitting Resolutions:

A Resolution is a formal expression of intention made by Democrats throughout the state.  It is a call to action on everyone’s behalf and should inspire change. 

Download a Resolution Submission Form – Click here

Email completed forms to [email protected]

Questions: Call (505)830-3650 or email [email protected]

The State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC) is responsible for writing the New Mexico Democratic Party Platform, and for handling resolutions. Some resolutions are written by the committee, and some are submitted by New Mexico Democrats. The platform and resolutions are then submitted to New Mexico Democrats for adoption.

According to Rule 16 of the Rules of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, SPARC must do four things:

  1. Submit recommendations on issues for adoption as resolutions or as planks in the platform
  2. Conduct at least one platform hearing per year in each Congressional District.
  3. Invite experts, the press, the general public, candidates and elected officials to the hearings.
  4. Consider resolutions passed by formal meetings and conventions or proposed by individual Democrats, and draft a platform.

Resolutions may be submitted to SPARC by:

  1. a: County Democratic Parties (to be signed by Chair of local party);
    b: DPNM Committees (to be signed by Chair of committee); and,
    c: Individuals (under DPNM Rule 16).
  2.  It is preferred that all resolutions be submitted electronically to [email protected]. If this is not possible, please call DPNM Headquarters at 505-830-3650 for assistance.
  3. All resolutions must be typed, less than 400 words (excluding supporting documentation), with no more than three “whereas” clauses and two “resolved” clauses, and shall include source material for any specific facts/figures included in the resolution. (Please use this form, if possible.)
  4. All resolutions must be a statement of principles. Organizations/Individuals submitting resolutions shall mark the appropriate issue area at the top of the form.
  5. All resolutions, once submitted, are the property of SPARC, and may be edited for clarity, length, or accuracy; however, substantive changes to the content of the resolution will be avoided. SPARC reserves the right to refer the resolution back to its original sponsor for clarification, or revision.
  6. Multiple resolutions addressing the same issue may be combined. Similarly, resolutions currently addressed by the Platform of the DPNM, or a current DPNM standing resolution, may be re-affirmed by the committee, but not included in reports to the State Central Committee.
  7. Resolutions adopted by SPARC and passed by the State Central Committee shall be considered official policy of the DPNM, until otherwise acted upon. Resolutions passed by the State Central Committee shall be posted on the DPNM website in a timely manner.

Download a Resolution Submission Form – Click here

Guests are welcome at all SPARC meetings, and will be given an opportunity to speak at the beginning of the meeting. If you have submitted a resolution, you will be notified of the date and time it will be discussed at a SPARC meeting so you may attend and address the committee.

Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC) 

George Chandler (Los Alamos)
Gina Dennis (Bernalillo)
Patricia French (Bernalillo)
Will Halm (Santa Fe)
Nancy Hayden (Santa Fe)
Cas Hoefman (McKinley)
Jay Levine (Taos)
Tom Leatherwood (Santa Fe)
Rachael Lorenzo (Bernalillo)
Ray Messier (Catron)
Jerry Morris (Doña Ana)
Sharla Parsons (Bernalillo)
Ivan William Pfeifer (Bernalillo)
Alan Postelnak (Bernalillo)
Karen Whitlock (Grant)

Previous Agendas

July 22, 2017 – General SPARC Meeting

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