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Votebuilder Trainings - Summer/Fall 2021

Municipal elections are coming soon and there’s plenty of organizing to do! In these trainings, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of Votebuilder, voter targeting, canvassing with the MiniVAN app, and phonebanking with Open Virtual Phone Bank! Ready to learn something new or dust off some of those skills from last cycle? Sign up today! And be sure to check back as we add more in the future.


For more training materials or for help with Votebuilder, visit the Votebuilder Help Center at help.ngpvan.com, review our Votebuilder walk-through library, or email [email protected].

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When you donate monthly to the Democratic Party of New Mexico, you become the Life of the Party! Your contributions go towards registering voters, investing in smart outreach strategies, and involving Democrats across New Mexico.