Ronchetti is Out of Touch With Working Families By Opposing Universal Pre-K

Ronchetti is Out of Touch With Working Families By Opposing Universal Pre-K

The Weatherman & Reality TV Star Opposes Policies That Help New Mexicans Thrive

Yesterday, Mark Ronchetti, failed senate candidate and current contender for Republican nominee for governor, revealed yet again that he is out of touch with working families. Ronchetti came out firmly against increasing funding for New Mexico’s incredibly popular accessible pre-K program that allows 4 year olds across the state to attend pre-K for free. Ronchetti does not believe all New Mexico children deserve a head start on their schooling, and has even called early childhood education and affordable child care “a march toward socialism.” 

Mark Ronchetti is a celebrity weatherman who tried his hand at being a reality TV star by building himself a million-dollar vacation house before eventually resigning himself to politics—so it makes sense that he wouldn’t understand the realities that every day New Mexicans face. For many New Mexico families, the pre-K program doesn’t just give their students an amazing opportunity to learn the building blocks of their education, it also allows parents to participate in the workforce more easily or advance their own schooling. Ronchetti doesn’t want to invest in the programs that would help New Mexico’s youngest students and their parents succeed.

New Mexico’s students are our future—but Mark Ronchetti doesn’t think they should be a priority. By refusing to support accessible pre-K, Ronchetti is ignoring New Mexico’s youngest students, pressing parent needs, and the glaring holes in New Mexico’s public education system. The GOP likes to claim they are the “family party” but if the New Mexico GOP and Ronchetti actually wanted to uplift New Mexican parents and families they would prioritize policies that help working families thrive. 


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