Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Government has a primary role in supporting science and technology for the public good and for economic development. Technology has the potential to drive social and economic change and should be equitably accessible to all. Policymakers should be informed by the best science available.

We Affirm:

1. Ambitious public and private investments in infrastructure, education, and research and development are crucial
to job creation and economic growth in New Mexico; and
2. Affordable, unhindered high-speed internet access is essential for success in all sectors of the economy; and
3. New Mexico must employ qualified scientists in all regulatory and policy-making bodies that use or oversee
research and the application of science and technology (S&T) within the state. These scientists should be
consulted and have a role in decision making on applicable policy and regulations; and
4. New Mexico must understand the potential impact of new technologies on labor, education, health care, and social
and economic matters of concern to New Mexicans to determine if and when actions by the state should be
considered; and
5. As disruptive technologies emerge that have the potential to impact our social and economic landscape, New
Mexico must create mechanisms that encourage local workers, companies, educational institutions, and the state
itself to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities; and
6. New Mexico must encourage, support, and implement technologies that will reduce climate change; and
7. The world must move swiftly to 100% renewable electricity and fossil fuels must be removed from all sectors as
soon as possible. New Mexico must be using 100% renewable electricity by 2030; and
8. Science talent is rare and the problems we are facing are hard. New Mexico must improve both the quality and
availability of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education at all academic levels to ensure
equitable access to careers.

We Will:

1. Leverage the science and technology research and development in our university systems, the National
Laboratories, and the private sector in New Mexico to support technology transfer and entrepreneurship,
especially in the sectors of the state economy New Mexico has identified as strategic for its economic future; and
2. Support the growth of local companies that develop and deploy next-generation technologies, including by
championing workforce development efforts; and
3. Enact programs and policies that enable New Mexicans to benefit from transformative technologies while also
protecting them from potentially abusive practices that might result from these new technologies, such as social
media bullying, surveillance through facial recognition, and using racial and economic data to enforce inequities,
including predictive policing; and
4. Implement apprenticeships and retraining programs to assist workers displaced by disruptive technologies; and
5. Encourage students who have an interest in STEM to pursue that throughout their education by providing
equitable resources, e.g., teachers, mentors, facilities, curriculum, and opportunities for internships; and
6. Ensure New Mexico has a trained workforce for the rewarding jobs of the future by creating programs that
encourage the development of S&T-specific vocational education programs; and
7. Develop educational programs that focus not only on technical skill development but also on entrepreneurship;
8. Showcase New Mexico’s national S&T leadership by hosting scientific meetings and conventions in New Mexico
to stimulate the creation of networks of science and business leaders; and
9. Call on our federal and state legislators and government regulatory officials to ensure that the oil and gas industry
use only those current and emerging technologies that will reduce its emissions in a timely and effective manner
in compliance with the Paris Climate Accords and other such international standards; and
10. Call on our federal and state legislators and government regulatory officials to ensure that all New Mexicans are
able to enjoy the fruits of emerging technologies, including open high-speed internet, unimpeded by monopolistic,
duopolistic, or other noncompetitive corporate behavior.

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