Two Peas in A Pod: Mark Ronchetti Wants To Return To Susana Martinez’s New Mexico

Two Peas in A Pod: Mark Ronchetti Wants To Return To Susana Martinez’s New Mexico

Ronchetti Aligns With New Mexico’s Disastrous Former Governor and Her Record of Leaving New Mexicans Behind

Last week, Mark Ronchetti, failed former U.S. Senate candidate and current struggling GOP gubernatorial contender, put out a tweet saying he wished things were back the way they were under Governor Susana Martinez — the most unpopular leader in state history. In case Ronchetti has forgotten, Governor Susan Martinez was a disastrous leader whose rash decisions and vindictive governing lead to corruption, scandal, and a decimation of New Mexico. Here are the policies Mark Ronchetti apparently wishes New Mexico would return to: 

  1. Economic Devastation—Under her 8 years in office, Martinez essentially watched and did nothing as New Mexico’s economy dramatically declined—failing to offer any economic development plan besides corporate tax cuts as the rest of the country recovered from the recession. Ronchetti has also failed to produce any plan to address economic growth in New Mexico. Under Martinez and Ronchetti, small businesses, middle class families, and New Mexico’s industries get left behind. 
  2. A Failed Education System—Governor Martinez’s complete incompetence over the school systems left New Mexico’s students behind. Under Martinez’s leadership, New Mexico courts found that students weren’t learning basic reading, math, and science. Ronchetti seems poised to return to Martinez’s education policies and that means devastating things for New Mexico’s parents, students, and educators.
  1. Gutted Behavioral Health Care System—Governor Martinez “audited” behavioral health services, cut Medicaid coverage for mental health care, and destroyed critical behavioral health care infrastructure in New Mexico, leaving vulnerable New Mexicans out in the cold. Does Ronchetti seriously wish the behavioral health care system in New Mexico was still in disarray? 

Ronchetti is even using Susana Martinez’s infamous, embattled campaign consultant Jay McCleskey in his race—Ronchetti is so desperate for Martinez’s New Mexico, he’s trying to recreate it himself. Susana Martinez and Mark Ronchetti have no place in New Mexico politics



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