Democrats must act now to secure our water future. We must support equitable, evidence-based, water planning, management, and stewardship. New Mexico will equitably and effectively adapt to climate change and best sustain what we value: our diverse cultures, our people and economy, food production, and riverine and riparian ecosystems.

We Affirm:

1. As Indigenous and traditional communities know and honor, El Agua es Vida, Water is Life; and
2. We must recognize that science clearly shows we will have much less water in the future and act now to help
ensure our equitable survival; and
3. Water uses in many of New Mexico’s diverse river basin segments and aquifer systems are not sustainable now
and supplies will be further diminished by 25% or more by 2070 due to historical and current greenhouse gas
emissions; and
4. New Mexico’s de facto system of sharing shortages in most locations is unfair and inequitable; and
5. Water governance in New Mexico is inadequate and has been neglected for too long and, if not improved, will
deprive New Mexico’s future generations, ecosystems, and marginalized communities of water; and
6. New Mexico’s water resources agencies require inspired leadership, restored staffing and funding, qualified staff,
modern computer and data systems, the capacity to defend New Mexico in high-stakes litigation with Texas, and
the resources to focus on other crucial water issues; and
7. Improved state, regional, and local water planning and management are essential to New Mexico’s future; and
8. Water use reductions and infrastructure improvements are required to secure the long-term viability of New
Mexico’s water supplies and essential water uses.

We Will:

1. Respectfully demand that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham fully implement her October 2018 water policy
platform Managing and Conserving our Water to Preserve our Culture, Communities and Future Generations of
New Mexicans; and
2. Support the creation of a new billion-dollar state water resilience fund for planning, project development, and
implementation of projects identified by approved state, regional, tribal, and community water plans prepared
with scientific integrity; and
3. Urge state water officials to maximize federal matching funds for community, regional, and state water projects;
4. Organize our communities to face our changing climate and obtain seats at the table to participate in water
decision making; and
5. Secure adequate funding to manage New Mexico’s water as the scarce resource that it is; and
6. Pass legislation to fund and establish a framework for New Mexicans to collaboratively decide appropriate and
acceptable uses of water and then change laws and policies to allocate water accordingly; and
7. Implement an expedited and robust program of evidence- and values-based regional and community water
planning in each of the diverse hydrologic regions of New Mexico; and
8. Support staff and funding to fully implement the 2019 New Mexico Water Data Act; and
9. Pass legislation to substantially improve water resources investigations and data collection by state and federal
science agencies for water planning and governance; and
10. Demand priority administration or an equivalent shortage-sharing agreement for hydrologic regions of New
Mexico where water uses exceed the sustainable water supply; and
11. Demand that New Mexico deliver water in compliance with the Rio Grande Compact through the Middle Rio
Grande for use below Elephant Butte Dam; and
12. Ensure continuity and vitality of New Mexico’s diverse cultures through thoughtful reform of New Mexico’s
water laws and governance policies; and
13. Support creation of a New Mexico Water Resources Department with a diverse, qualified staff and a cabinet
secretary who need not be a licensed engineer; and
14. Support implementation of integrated water resources management, including water quality and quantity; and
15. Seek compliance with the State-Tribal Collaboration Act so that state cabinet agencies diligently seek
collaboration with tribal governments and give full consideration to their water management strategies, policies,
and concerns; and
16. Support water management strategies that encompass Indigenous perspectives and science; and
17. Defend the rights of and remedy the lack of resources for traditional communities to protect their water rights; and
18. Demand that water allocations provide water for rivers, riparian habitat, and ecological services.

Help Protect Our Democracy

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