Donald Trump: Hell-Bent on Bigoted Immigration Policy

Donald Trump: Hell-Bent on Bigoted Immigration Policy

Another Trump Presidency Would Mean More Division and Harmful Immigration Policies that Hurt Hardworking New Mexico Families

ALBUQUERQUE- Donald Trump has been openly unapologetic about the extreme, racist, and deeply out-of-touch policies he plans to implement if elected. His plans for another term as President include bringing back and even expanding his signature Muslim ban, supporting mass detention camps for immigrants, and pushing to end birthright citizenship – all while refusing to rule out continuing his cruel history of separating families.

Trump’s campaign playbook involves creating fear and division based on bigotry. If given the chance with another term, Trump would dismantle our immigration system with disastrous policies for asylum-seekers, immigrant families, and communities of color.

DPNM Spokesperson Daniel Garcia released the following statement about Trump’s immigration policies:

“Donald Trump’s campaign strategy is to create fear and division by using immigrants and communities of color as political pawns. Although it has not been receiving much media attention, Trump’s stated plans for a second term include bringing back a racist Muslim ban, ending birthright citizenship, and supporting mass detention camps. With his record of inhumane border policy based on bigotry from his cruel first term, Trump would reinstate the same brutal policies that saw children ripped away from their mothers and separated from their families.

“Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking a humane and proactive approach to meet our nation’s border challenges that include expanding support and coordination with border communities, providing resources to disrupt drug and human trafficking, and more emphasis on legal, inclusive pathways to citizenship.”