Governor Lujan Grisham Wants To Deliver Free College For New Mexicans

Governor Lujan Grisham Wants To Deliver Free College For New Mexicans

Democrats Make Higher Ed Accessible, While The GOP Tries to Keep New Mexicans From Pursuing Their Educational And Career Goals

Last week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced a new proposal to expand the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship, delivering tuition-free college to every New Mexican who wishes to pursue their higher education. While our governor and Democratic leaders are trying to make higher education affordable and accessible for everyone, the New Mexico Republican party would rather keep New Mexicans from pursuing their academic and professional goals

Under Governor Lujan Grisham, New Mexico has become a national leader in guaranteeing 100% tuition-free higher education. The Lujan Grisham Administration is eliminating barriers to higher education like student debt and burdensome fees that keep too many students—no matter their age, background, or family situation—from getting the training and the job they want and deserve. 

The New Mexico GOP, on the other hand, has absolutely no plan to make higher education accessible to New Mexico students. There’s absolutely no mention of higher education on the Republican Party of New Mexico’s website. That’s because the GOP doesn’t think helping New Mexicans afford and access a post-secondary degree is important. 

Read more about Governor Lujan Grisham’s free college proposal here.  


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