Herrell’s Appointment to Oversight Committee a Win For Corrupt Politicians Everywhere

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Herrell’s Appointment to Oversight Committee a Win For Corrupt Politicians Everywhere

In a win for self-serving politicians and a blow to government accountability, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell was appointed to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform – the committee charged with investigating cases of ethical misconduct and corruption within the United States federal government. With Herrellā€™s history of violating ethics laws for her own personal gain, there is perhaps no one worse suited to ensure our elected officials are putting the American people first.Ā 

As a legislator in Santa Fe, Herrell pocketed a half a million dollars in taxpayer-funded contracts and then violated ethics rules when she tried to hide these contacts from the public eye. The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board called her failure to disclose the income ā€œegregiousā€ and her denial ā€œdisingenuous at best.ā€Ā 

In the Roundhouse, Herrell was also known for putting her wealthy cronies first, voting on multiple occasions against legislation designed to clean up Santa Fe and put New Mexicans first. She voted against requiring lawmakers and public officials to wait two years after leaving office before becoming paid lobbyists and opposed increased reporting requirements for lobbyists.Ā 

Most recently, during her 2020 campaign for Congress, Herrell accepted an illegal $2,800 contribution from a woman whose records showed had died prior to giving the contribution. Even worse, when confronted about the wrongdoing, Herrell refused to take responsibility and tried to cover her tracks.

ā€œItā€™s hard to imagine someone worse suited to holding our leaders accountable than Yvette Herrell. Herrellā€™s record speaks for itself: as a member of the state legislature, she broke one ethics rule after another and used her position to enrich herself at the expense of New Mexico taxpayers. Why would we expect her to act any differently in Congress?ā€ said Democratic Party of New Mexico spokesperson Miranda van Dijk.


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