ICYMI: DPNM Plans to Hire Native American Outreach Organizer

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ICYMI: DPNM Plans to Hire Native American Outreach Organizer

As part of “Starting Strong 2020,” the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) announced recently that we will be partnering with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to bring on a full-time Native American Outreach Organizer. The addition of this position so early in the election cycle will allow DPNM to more effectively engage Native communities and ensure that Native voices are being heard in the Democratic party.  

The full description and application instructions for the Native American Outreach Organizer position will be posted this week at https://nmdemocrats.org/opportunities-at-dpnm/.


Read about DPNM’s plans to hire a Native American Outreach Organizer:

Albuquerque Journal – Dems seeking Native organizer

The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party of New Mexico are partnering for a full-time Native American outreach organizer.

“Engaging tribal communities is critically important, and we’re excited to partner with the Democratic Party of New Mexico to ensure that we’re reaching, listening to, and mobilizing Native Americans across the state,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said. “By starting this work with the community now, we can build the infrastructure to ensure Democrats will be successful at every level of the ballot in November.”

DPNM Chairwoman Marg Elliston said the additional support from the DNC will allow the state “to expand our efforts to uplift Native voices within the Democratic Party.”

“So much is at stake during this upcoming election, and we’re committed to working alongside tribal leadership to engage Native American communities as we strive toward a New Mexico for all,” she said.

This staffer will oversee outreach and mobilization efforts in Native American communities. They are responsible for building the party’s presence and engagement with tribal leaders and constituencies across the state, collaborating on community organizing opportunities, bolstering voter registration and laying the groundwork to prepare for the general election, the party said.

This funding is being provided through the DNC’s State Party Innovation Fund. A comparable program did not exist during the 2016 election cycle.


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